In Memoriam       George Heller     1924 - 2013
The Friends of George — F.O.G. is a small group of mostly retired men and women living in the San Francisco Bay Area who have been meeting weekly for many years in a social setting to discuss and demonstrate computer and Internet related topics.
Membership in the group is by referral only.
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The Linutics
2008: From the head of the table at the left, and going clockwise: George Heller, Bob Forster, Don Ravey, Hal Hosfeldt, René Willdorff, Al Montgomery, Manfred Ohm, Joe Zucker and the late Dick Delp. Lou Brossard took the picture and doesn't appear in this photo.
The Linutics
2012: Similarly, in the second picture: George Heller, Bob Forster, Hal Hosfeldt, René Willdorff, John Matthews, Manfred Ohm, Joe Zucker, Don Ravey and Lou Brossard, who took the photo, using the timer.
Fixing the Hellers' light fixture
How many Friends of George does it take to replace a light bulb? ? ? Photo by Iby Heller (Oct. 2009)

F.O.G. Nov. 2012
2012: René Willdorff, Don Ravey, Bob Forster, George Heller, Hal Hosfeldt, John Matthews, Joe Zucker. Photo by Lou Brossard.
Friends of George video 2012: Here's a video of the group. Video by Lou Brossard.